Create New Bid Request

1.  To create new bid request, start by clicking the Bid Requests tab in the top menu.


2. Next select the blue New Bid Request button.


3. The next page allows you to add the information for your bid request, including bid request name, due date and time, contact name and email, contact phone and fax number, and the address.


Below this on the same page you can also add a description for the bid request.  The last option is Bid Request Divisions.  If you select the box next to Bid Request Divisions, you can select specific divisions for this bid request.


4. When you are finished entering in your data, click the green Create Bid Request button at the bottom left of the page.


5. Your bid request is now created, but there is still more you can do.  For one, you can add documents to the bid request by clicking the Add a Document button.


You can add a name, category, description, and upload a file.  When you are finished, click Save Document.


6. Also, you can send out the bid.  Begin this process by clicking the blue Send Out for Bid button.


Select all the people in your contacts that you wish to send this bid request by selecting the box next to their name.


If there is someone not in your contacts that you would like to send the request to, you can add a contact by clicking the Add Recipient button in the top right corner.


This opens a section for you to fill out your new contact's information.  Click Save Contact when you are finished.


When you have selected all your contacts you want to the bid request sent to, click Send Bid Request.  All the contacts you selected will receive an email of the bid request.


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