Manage Bid Request

1.  To edit a bid request, start by clicking the Bid Requests tab in the top menu.


2. This page shows all your bid requests.  To edit a bid request, click the blue View button next to that request.


3. This page allows you to edit the bid request, add a document, or send out the bid request.

Editing the Bid Request

Start by clicking the Edit Bid Request button.


Here you can change the name, contact name and email, contact phone and fax number, due date and time, and the description.  Click Update Bid Request when you are done editing.  


Adding a Document and Sending out Bid Requests

For instructions on how to these steps, click the link and go to steps 5 and 6.  Create New Bid Request

4. If you would like to add/delete members who can view and manage the bid request, click on the Members tab on the left margin.


You can delete a contact by clicking the red trash can next to their information.  If you wish to add a new member, click the Add Member in the top right.


Enter in their email, then click Send Invite to invite them to manage and view the bid request.


5. Once a bid request is sent out, a few new options open up.  One of these options is creating an addendum.  Make sure you are on the Bid Request Details tab on the left margin.  Then click the Create An Addendum button below the bid. 


Here you can add a description of the addendum.  The ability to add documents and send the addendum will become available after the addendum is created.  Click Create Addendum when you are finished with the description.


The blue box below will be created on the bottom right of your page.  Again, make sure you are on the Bid Request Details tab.  The addendum is numbered based on when you add them.

To create a document for this addendum, click the Add Document button on the left of the blue box above. This opens a page to create your document.  Enter in the name, category, notes, and upload a file.  Click Save Document when you are finished.


When you are ready to send out the addendum, click Send Out Addendum on the right side of the blue box. This will send the addendum to all the contacts connected to this bid request.


6. Another option on the Bid Request Tab is to send/resend the bid request to more contacts.  To do this, click the Send to More Contacts button.


A list a contacts appear.  If you wish to send the bid request to someone, select the box next to their contact information.  If you need to add a new recipient, click the Add Recipient button in the to right corner.


The following box should appear.  Enter in the corresponding information, then click Save Contact when you are finished.


After all your contacts are added and selected, click the Send Bid Request to have the bid request emailed to all of the selected contacts.


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