CMFusion’s mission since 2016 has been simple: Make construction management tools that are as easy to learn, train and use as email. All of your employees, co-workers, partners and third-party contacts know how to send an email. So we make tools that work just as easily. And we’re dirt cheap, too. Because that’s what software should be.

You save time & money

  • One easy fixed price for all our functionality. Just decide whether you will use us for less than or more than 100 projects at a time. Nothing else to think about.
  • Never worry about paying more per user or per module.
  • No servers, no laptop or device installation, no set-up fees, no headaches. Sign up and start within seconds. Literally.
  • No training needed. Again: We’re as easy as email. Everyone figures us out quickly.
  • Mind-numbingly simple user interface you and even your most tech-challenged colleagues will figure out in seconds.

Our Story

CMFusion was created by general contractors and software engineers. We decided that anyone involved in construction shouldn’t need to deal with set-up, training, complicated fees, or complicated features. So we built CMFusion to help us manage our own construction projects and then everyone from GC, subs, architects, engineers, service providers, developers and even designers started flocking. It’s a true case of “If you build it, they will come.” They did and they keep coming!

Who is CM Fusion for?

We have companies of all size using CMFusion. Our pricing is so inexpensive we are easily affordable for all. But we are so feature rich that even the big boys love us. You can use CMFusion for any sized project, for any number of users, and you can use as many or as few modules as you want all for one low price.

How is CM Fusion different?

It comes down to the same key drivers we metioned above:

  • We’re less expensive – only a few hundred dollars a month at most.
  • We’re all-you-can-eat functionality. No need to deliberate over what part of CMFusion you will use. It all costs the same!
  • No training needed. It’s just like email! Everyone will understand it in minutes, if not seconds.
  • No servers, no installation, no new hardware whatsover. Just a login.
  • No installation or set up fees.

If you need lots of complex features and highly customized bells & whistles, we are probably not for you. We keep things simple so anybody can use CMFusion without training, installation or other hurdles.

We also believe in complete transparency. Our pricing is simple with no hidden fees or long-term commitments. Try CMFusion right now - no strings attached – and start saving hours a day instantaneously.


Try us out completely free for 30 days - no credit card required.

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