CM Fusion is designed to make communication and project management easier, faster, and more efficient. We believe in working smarter, not harder, and our software allows you to do just that.

Our Core Principles

  • Software should be Simple and Easy to Use
  • Software should Eliminate Redundancy
  • Software should Improve Communication
  • Software should Encourage Collaboration

Our Team

CM Fusion was created by general contractors and software engineers. We got tired of the expensive, complicated software that existed on the market so we built our own. It's helped us manage our own construction projects and we still use it today.

Who is CM Fusion for?

CM Fusion is designed for small to medium sized construction projects (1-50M). You can use CM Fusion for any sized project, but we don't offer a million features like some of the other software/tools out there. View our product features to understand all of CM Fusion's capabilities and strengths.

How is CM Fusion different?

We focus on helping construction teams with 2 major areas - communication and document management. If you need complex features like project accounting and budgeting CM Fusion is not for you. We keep things simple so anybody can use CM Fusion without complicated processes or advanced training.

We also believe in complete transparency. Our pricing is simple with no hidden fees or long-term commitments and all of our plans come with a 30 Day Free Trial - no credit card required. So give CM Fusion a try today.


Try us out completely free for 30 days - no credit card required.

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