Construction Software QuickBooks® Integration Features

Time is of the essence when managing construction projects. 

Construction software QuickBooks® integration can help you stay on top of all of the costs involved with every project. 

CM Fusion’s software is a must-have tool for construction companies. Some of our QuickBooks® integration features include: 

  • Cost Tracking: Always stay on top of your project costs with our three-click integration.

  • Track Employee Hours: Track every hour worked on multiple projects at once with ease and organization.

  • Track Accounts Payable: Know the details and payment schedule of every invoice associated with each project.

  • Mobile & Tablet Ready: Designed for easy viewing and simple data entry while on the job site or in the office.

  • Track Project Cash Flow: Know how cash in-flow is evolving in line with cash out-flow.

How QuickBooks® Integration Can Help Improve Efficiency and Profitability


Contractors are all too familiar with two of the most common complaints in the construction industry:

  • The neverending trails of paperwork required for accounting and cost tracking; and

  • Human error that causes inefficiencies and lost profitability

With CM Fusion, contractors can now streamline cost-tracking and time-tracking and stay aligned with accountants, bookkeepers, and CFOs.

Contractors no longer want to manually deal with job site receipt tracking, time tracking, and cash flow. CM Fusion’s construction project management software that integrates with QuickBooks® allows contractors to:

  • Get a clear visual of the entire project’s costs with our easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Centralize all cost tracking and time tracking for easier project management.

  • Sync data with QuickBooks® on the timeline that suits everyone involved in the project.

How a Construction Software That Integrates With QuickBooks® Can Help Bridge the Gap Between Project Managers and Accountants

Our construction software QuickBooks® integration is simple for your team on the ground and your team in the office. All they have to do is set up a schedule to sync data, which ensures all project costs are being recorded and monitored by the key players on the project. 

CM Fusion’s QuickBooks® integration:

  • Saves time by reducing the need for double-entry

  • Reduces costly manual errors by flagging errors between the software and QuickBooks®

  • Have fewer technical questions on how to use it

What Your Life Would Look Like Without Construction Software QuickBooks® Integration

Without construction software QuickBooks® integration for your construction company, you’ll likely find yourself dealing with hassles like:

  • Struggling to keep track of your project costs

  • Dealing with the nightmare of managing Excel sheets for multiple projects

  • Spending hours every week on administrative tasks, like manual payroll, rather than focusing on the project at hand

  • Guessing how much projects will cost instead of having the data needed to make an accurate prediction

  • Over- or underpaying employees

  • Missed vendor payments due to human error with manual cost tracking; and

  • Losing profits with every project

What Your Life Would Look Like With Construction Software QuickBooks® Integration

Construction software QuickBooks® integration by CM Fusion simplifies your life by:

  • Creating a simple “three-click-QuickBooks®-integration” method to help align project managers with the accounting team

  • Increasing accountability in the field and at the office

  • Increasing profitability by ensuring precision cost-tracking, time-tracking, and data-sharing

  • Making it possible to more accurately gauge the cost of projects using previous, accurate data

  • Saving hundreds — even thousands — with instant project insights using our intuitive dashboard

  • Easily tracking multiple project costs at once in a detailed and organized fashion

  • Providing accounting data that you can rely on

  • Boosting cash flow visibility and efficiency

How Does Construction Software QuickBooks® Integration Work?

A critical part of construction management is tracking costs. Contractors need to effectively and efficiently track:

  • Who they’re paying

  • What the payment is for

  • The invoice number

  • The payment structure; and

  • The payment schedule

Most businesses use QuickBooks®, but they rely on double manual entry, which can result in costly mistakes. With construction software QuickBooks® integration, contractors enter data as it’s received in the field and synced with QuickBooks® according to the agreed-upon schedule.

With our user-friendly dashboard, contractors can quickly toggle between projects to enter any cash in-flow and cash out-flow experienced on the job, while the accounting team can easily consolidate the data and catch any errors that may have been made.

Construction Software QuickBooks® Integration FAQs

"We use CM Fusion to track time for our team and sub-contractors on all of our projects, which is 110% more organized than the old paper trails. Our project members track time right from their phones - simple and efficient."

- Steve Layne
LayneCo Construction Services


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