• Document Management

    Track all your project documents from anywhere, in the cloud.

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  • Scheduling

    See everything on your project from a birds-eye view with quick and easy scheduling software. Manage item start datess, duration and dependencies.

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  • Daily Field Reports

    Track daily progress with simple field reporting. Upload site photos, weather activity, equipment & deliveries, visitors on site, and more.

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  • Project Tasks

    Create project tasks with assignments and due dates. CM Fusion sends out automated notifications and reminders to keep tasks on track.

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  • Time Tracking

    Track all your timesheets and activity on the go, from anywhere.

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  • Cost Tracking

    Manage project costs and budgeting with a live log and legder. Organize costs by code, category and vendor.

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  • Change Orders

    Create and manage all your project change orders with real-time tracking and approval to better control cost and budgets.

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  • Submittals

    Manage all your submittals in one place, sorted by divisions and specifications, with a PDF log download.

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  • RFIs

    Track your RFIs with more efficiency. CM Fusion logs all RFI activity, attachments, and status updates in a simple and efficient workflow.

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  • RFPs

    Create RFPs and manage the responses in one place. Our simple workflow will eliminate redundant email and save your team valuable time.

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  • Bidding

    Create bid requests and send them out to your contacts. We'll track the send activity and responses for you.

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  • Image Management

    Upload all your project images and photos with custom categories and descriptions. Automatically view daily field report photos by date.

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Mobile & Tablet Ready

Access your projects from anywhere, on any device. CM Fusion gives you real-time access to your project data whenever you need it.

Mobile Construction Software

All projects include Support, Security and Training. We've got you covered.

Dedicated Support

Real support from real people. Contact our support team via phone or email whenever you need them.

Security & Backups

All your project files and data stay protected behind SSL security and backed up to multiple locations.

Team Training

We offer team training and demos to get your entire team up to speed and comfortable using CM Fusion.


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