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Construction Time Tracking Can Help Improve Efficiency and Profitability


If you’re a contractor then you’re likely all too familiar with two of the biggest complaints in the construction industry:

  • The endless trails of paperwork required for every detail of a project; and

  • Human error causing inefficiencies and lost profitability.

But with CM Fusion, contractors now have the capability to streamline and automate employee punch-ins with an easy-to-use construction time tracking app that your entire crew will use.

Gone are the days of punch cards, hand-written time-tracking, and excel spreadsheets. Our software offers contractors:

  • A cloud-based and mobile-ready platform that can be accessed from any internet connection.

  • Centralized project management capabilities including construction time tracking software and so much more.

  • Flexible and affordable pricing options for all stages of business.

How a User-Friendly Construction Time-Tracking Software Can Help Crews Overcome Technological Barriers

We understand that your crew might have technological or language barriers.

That’s why our construction time tracking app is simple for your team on the ground. All they have to do is “clock in” and “clock out.”

This ensures that your crew will:

  • Actually use the time tracking tool

  • Utilize the tool properly (to ensure data integrity)

  • Have fewer technical questions on how to use it

What Your Life Would Look Like Without Construction Time Tracking Software

Without the best time tracking software for construction, by CM Fusion, you likely experience headaches like:

  • Struggling to keep track of your team’s performance.

  • Dealing with the nightmare of managing excel sheets for multiple projects.

  • Spending hours every week on administrative tasks, like manual payroll, rather than focusing on the job site.

  • Guessing at how long projects will take to finish instead of having the data needed to make an accurate prediction.

  • Overpaying for hours not actually worked.

  • Underbilling project owners due to human error with manual time tracking.

  • Missing out on profits with every project.

What Your Life Would Look Like With Construction Time-Tracking Software

Construction time-tracking software, by CM Fusion, simplifies your life by:

  • Creating a simple, “punch in and punch out” time tracking method for employees that is mobile and tablet friendly.

  • Increasing worker accountability.

  • Increasing profitability by ensuring precision in both payroll AND billing.

  • Making it possible to more accurately gauge the cost of projects using previous time tracking data.

  • Save hundreds — even thousands — with instant project insights.

  • Easily tracking multiple project timelines at once in a detailed and organized fashion.

  • Providing time tracking data that you can rely on.

  • Easy compliance with DOL and DCAA tracking and reporting on government contracts.

  • Boosting workforce visibility and efficiency.

How Does Construction Time-Tracking Software Work?

Our time-tracking software allows employees to virtually “punch in and punch out” of job sites and collects and records this data in an easy-to-view setting to help employers determine future project timelines and quotes.

Your team members can not only log their time but can also:

  • Edit time entries

  • Add new time entries

  • Same time entries

CM Fusion allows contractors and administrators to use our software from your desk or on your mobile device.

Administrators can view, add, or edit project members’ data with the software.

You can even export data as a CSV file.

Best of all, the CM Fusion construction time-tracking app provides by-the-second labor tracking, which allows subcontractors to pay workers and invoice general contractors with 100% accuracy.

Construction Time-Tracking Software FAQs

"We use CM Fusion to track time for our team and sub-contractors on all of our projects, which is 110% more organized than the old paper trails. Our project members track time right from their phones - simple and efficient."

- Steve Layne
LayneCo Construction Services


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