5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Searching for Construction Management Software

February 29, 2016

Feeling disorganized? Construction Projects not flowing together? Facing communication challenges on projects? Then you may be reading this to find out if Project Management software is a solution to your problem(s). The good news is that you have grown your business enough to need organizing. The bad news is that there are so many software

Benefits of Construction Management Software

Ready to streamline processes in your construction business? Click here to learn the benefits of construction management software.

Bid vs. Quote vs. Estimate in the Construction Industry: How Are They Different?

What is the difference between a bid and an estimate? Between a quote and an estimate? The terminology varies throughout the industry. Learn more here.

Construction Documents: What Are They? How Many Types Are There? Why Are They Important?

Construction documents are the written guides of a construction project. Learn about them and how to manage your construction documents all in one place.

Construction Project Photo Documentation: Why It’s Important and How to Do it Right

What is construction project photo documentation and why does it matter? Learn about construction image management with CM Fusion.

A Review of the Benefits of Construction Timesheets and Time Tracking Software

Considering using timesheets for construction workers? We’ll outline the advantages and common mistakes made when construction time tracking.

What Is a Punch List in Construction?

Wondering what a punch list is and how it’s used in construction? We’ll explain the purpose of a punch list along with examples of punch list items.

Why Should Project Teams Be Watchful for Constructive Change Orders?

Construction change orders can occur unexpectedly. We review common types of construction change orders and how to handle them so you can be prepared.

Construction Management Software in Texas

Feeling overwhelmed with new projects and increasing project complexity in Texas? Construction management software can help simplify your workload. in one place.

How to Estimate Construction Costs Like a Pro

A construction cost estimate can make or break a project. This guide will cover the process of creating a detailed construction cost estimate.

How to Calculate Labor Cost in Construction Accurately

When it comes to calculating construction labor cost, there’s the easy way and the hard way. Click here to learn how CM fusion simplifies calculating labor costs.

The Importance of Cloud-Based Construction Management Software and How It Works

Is all of the paperwork in the construction industry overwhelming? Cloud-based construction management software can improve your construction business.

Navigating Quantitative Risk Management and Decision Making in Construction

This guide will outline the best risk management practices in a construction project and how you can successfully assess and mitigate risk on your projects.

Quality Control in Construction

What is quality control in the construction industry? Who is responsible? How can you improve quality control in your construction business? Click here to learn.

Your In-Depth Guide to Construction Daily Reports

Construction daily work reports are essential to the completion of projects. Learn what should be included in your report and how to manage the process.

Construction Specification: What Is it, Who Handles it, and Why Is it Important?

Construction specification. What is it, who handles it, and why is it important? All of your questions about building specifications answered here.

The Ultimate Guide to RFPs in Construction

The ultimate guide to RFPs in construction and why they’re so important. Learn the dos and don'ts of construction RFPs and how to write one.

A Comprehensive Review of the Meaning of RFI in Construction

Wondering about the RFI process for construction? Here we explain everything you need to know about RFI procedure and RFI construction management.

An Informative Guide to Construction Collaboration

What is collaboration in the construction industry? How can it benefit your business and how should it be implemented? We answer these questions and more.

What Is a Change Order in Construction? Your Guide to a Crucial Component of Contracting

Having trouble keeping track of change orders in your construction business? We’ll explain everything you need to know about these important documents here.

What Is Construction Project Management? A Review of the Processes, Tools, and Functions

Construction project management is vital to reaching project goals. Learn about construction project management and its importance and function.

7 Causes of Construction Claims You Want to Avoid With Your Construction Project

Claims are not uncommon in the construction industry. Click here for an overview of the seven most common causes of construction claims.