Construction Bidding Features

With our cloud-based construction bidding management software, CM Fusion allows you to manage project bid packages in the cloud. 

Create and track your construction bids with ease and flexibility from anywhere.

Some of our construction bidding management features include:

  • Unlimited bid package creation

  • Unlimited contact/recipient sending

  • Track views and open rates

  • Mobile & Tablet ready

Construction Bid Request Software

Bid On Construction Jobs and Increase Your Workload and Profitability

If you’re a contractor then you’re probably painfully aware of the two biggest construction bidding complaints in the industry:

  • Copious amounts of communication and emails needed for every detail of a bid; and

  • Losing track of important proposal details due to human error.

But with CM Fusion, contractors can easily streamline and automate the entire construction bidding process. 

Gone are the days of 150 emails a day, the back and forth with pricing, and excel spreadsheets. Our software offers contractors:

  • A mobile-ready and cloud-based platform that’s accessible from any internet connection.

  • Centralized project management capabilities including construction bidding software and much more.

  • Affordable and flexible packages for every stage of business.

Improve Communication Between Contractors, Subcontractors, and Vendors During the Construction Bidding Process

Setting up a construction bid can be a communication nightmare. No matter how big or small, it requires both patience and organization.

Not only are contractors required to email multiple subcontractors and suppliers for every project requirement, to get the best price possible, but they have to keep track of every proposal and the details within.

For contractors, this means:

  • Sending a request for proposal

  • Ensuring that each proposal fits the scope of work

  • Bartering with every sub or supplier for the best costs

  • Track every incoming proposal (usually in a spreadsheet); and

  • Ensuring construction bids are submitted in time to be considered

But with CM Fusion, all subs and suppliers are already pre-loaded into our software making it easy to send a request for proposal from our construction bidding software that reaches every supplier at the same time.

Not only that, but all communication is sent and received within the cloud and automatically sorted by project, saving your hours and hours of manual admin work.

What Your Life Would Look Like Without Construction Bidding Software

Without construction bidding software for construction, by CM Fusion, you likely experience headaches like:

  • Struggling to keep track of hundreds of incoming and outgoing emails.

  • The nightmare of keeping your excel sheets organized for multiple projects.

  • Wasting hours each week on administrative tasks, like sending requests to every single supplier and sub, when you could be focusing on the job site.

  • Guessing at how much projects will cost rather than having the data needed to make an accurate estimate.

  • Losing track of proposals.

  • Under-estimating project owners due to human error with manual proposal tracking. 

  • Losing potential profits on every project.

What Your Life Would Look Like With Construction Bidding Software

Construction bidding software, by CM Fusion, simplifies your life by:

  • Streamlining the construction bidding communication method that is mobile and tablet friendly. 

  • Eliminating messy spreadsheets.

  • Saving admin time, allowing you to increase the number of construction bids you can take on.

  • Making it possible to more accurately estimate the cost of projects using previous construction bidding data.

  • Save hundreds — even thousands — with automated proposal requests.

  • Easily tracking multiple proposals at once using automated project folders.

  • Allow for simple value engineering with the ability to add/remove any item on a proposal.

  • Automated construction leveling within every bid on construction projects.

  • Boosting scope of work visibility with every proposal.

Construction Bidding Software FAQs

Investing in the construction bidding processes of your company takes thought and careful consideration, as margins for profit can sometimes be pretty slim.

Even with a good construction bid template, there are just so many moving parts and room for error, making it easy to lose potential profits on any project.

So, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about construction bidding software for contractors and explain how it will not only improve but completely automate and streamline construction bidding for companies of any size.

"We use CM Fusion to track time for our team and sub-contractors on all of our projects, which is 110% more organized than the old paper trails. Our project members track time right from their phones - simple and efficient."

- Steve Layne
LayneCo Construction Services


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