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Start Tracking All of Your Daily, Weekly, Even Monthly Field Reports

Filling out daily construction reports can be time-consuming, but it’s a vital part of day-to-day construction project management. 

Field reports are the key to letting project managers get an idea of the tasks that have been completed, how they are being completed, and how they can better prepare for the following days ahead. 

Gone are the days of creating word documents, searching through emails for proof of work, and hunting down project pictures. 

Our software offers contractors:

  • A cloud-based and mobile-ready platform that can be accessed from any internet connection.

  • Centralized project management capabilities including construction field report software and so much more.

  • Flexible and affordable pricing options for all stages of business.

Monitor Construction Progress in Real-Time With Streamlined Field Report Processes

With CM Fusion’s project management system, tracking field reports becomes easy. 

Streamline your field report processes to not only save your business time and money but to get greater insights on the bigger picture of your construction projects. 

Our Field Report System allows for: 

  • Less of a need for an extra full-time staff member to track daily progress

  • Efficiency recording daily, weekly, and monthly field reports

  • Compare day-to-day field reports side by side to make the most of your data

What Your Life Would Look Like Without Construction Daily Field Report Software

Without the best daily field report software for construction by CM Fusion, you likely experience headaches like: 

  • Struggling to keep track of your team’s performance.

  • Dealing with the nightmare of managing word documents and emails for multiple projects.

  • Spending hours every week on administrative tasks, like manually updating and filing field reports, rather than focusing on the job site.

  • Guessing how much progress has been made and what needs to be done on future workdays instead of having the data needed to make an accurate prediction.

  • Overpaying for hours not actually worked.

  • Missing out on profits with every project due to underperformance of staff

What Your Life Would Look Like With Daily Field Report Tracking Software

Construction field reporting software, by CM Fusion, simplifies your life by: 

  • Creating a simple, easy to update field reporting method for project managers that is mobile and tablet friendly. 

  • Increasing worker accountability.

  • Increasing profitability by ensuring precision in progress. 

  • Making it possible to more accurately gauge the cost of projects using data from daily, weekly and monthly field reports.

  • Save hundreds — even thousands — with instant project insights.

  • Providing field reports that you can rely on.

Construction Field Report Software FAQs

Construction professionals are always looking for ways to streamline their processes and automate their systems. But because project management systems are such big investments, it’s important to truly understand what you’re getting when you subscribe. 

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about field reporting software for the construction industry and how they can improve project management processes for every size construction company. 

"We use CM Fusion to track time for our team and sub-contractors on all of our projects, which is 110% more organized than the old paper trails. Our project members track time right from their phones - simple and efficient."

- Steve Layne
LayneCo Construction Services


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