Construction Project Tasks Features

Manage your construction project tasks with ease and efficiency. CM Fusion keeps all your tasks organized in the cloud for better workflow and project management.

Some of our construction project tasks features include:

Project Management Software for Construction

Automate Your Construction Project Task List and Improve Job Site Efficiency

If you’re a contractor, then you’re probably painfully aware of the two biggest project tasking complaints in the industry: 

  • Issuing weekly project tasks using clunky software like Excel; and

  • Losing track of task statuses as subcontractors fail to mark them complete.

But with CM Fusion, contractors can easily streamline and automate the entire construction project tasking process. 

Gone are the days of trying to view giant spreadsheets on your mobile device, the back and forth with status updates, and digging for project photos in your email. Our software offers contractors:

  • A cloud-based, mobile-ready platform that’s accessible from any internet connection.

  • Centralized project management capabilities including construction project tasks and much more.

  • Flexible and affordable packages for every size project and every stage of business.

Improve Communication Between Contractors, Subcontractors, and Vendors With Automatic Project Tasks Notifications

Setting up weekly project tasks can create communication headaches across the trades. No matter how big or small the project, tasking requires both patience and organization.

Contractors or project managers are required to create project tasks for every trade and keep track of the status updates, communication, and associated project photos.

For contractors, this means:

  • Sending weekly project tasks (usually in spreadsheet format)

  • Ensuring that each task meets the scope of work

  • Following up on status updates when subs fail to mark tasks as complete

  • Track every incoming project photo (usually in email or text); and

  • Ensuring all weekly tasks are completed

But with CM Fusion, every sub and supplier can view only the tasks that apply, attach photos and communication to every task, and simply complete each task with the push of a button.

Not only that, but all project tasks are stored within the cloud and automatically sorted into project files, saving your hours of manual admin work each week.

What Your Life Would Look Like Without Construction Project Tasks Software

Without construction project tasks software for construction, by CM Fusion, you likely experience headaches like: 

  • Struggling with inbox crowding and tracking of hundreds of incoming and outgoing emails.

  • The hassle of keeping your Excel sheets updated for multiple projects.

  • Wasting hours on administrative tasks every week, like sending a list of construction tasks for a project to every single sub and vendor, when you could be focusing on the job site.

  • Guessing at how many project tasks have been completed rather than having the data needed to plan for future tasking.

  • Losing track of project task communication and photos.

  • Losing potential profits on every project.

What Your Life Would Look Like With Construction Project Tasks Software

Construction project tasks software, by CM Fusion, simplifies project and task management by: 

  • Streamlining the construction project tasks communication method by making it completely mobile and tablet friendly. 

  • Eliminating messy spreadsheets.

  • Saving admin time, allowing you to spend time on important other project and task management duties.

  • Making it possible to more accurately estimate the timing of project tasks with real-time status updates from the field.

  • Easily tracking multiple project tasks at once.

  • Making it easier for subs and vendors to instantly communicate issues, updates, and task completion with the click of a button.

  • Giving your team total visibility on the project without the need for physical spreadsheets and email or text communication.

  • Boosting project organization by filing all status updates, photos, and communication in the cloud.

Construction Project Tasks Software FAQs

Investing in the construction project tasking processes of your company will effectively eliminate issues with field communication, human error, and unnecessary administrative hours.

Even with a good project tasks template, there are just too many moving parts, making the margin for error big and the potential to lose profits even bigger.

We’ve answered some of the questions we get asked the most about construction project tasking software and have explained how it will revolutionize your entire field communication processes.

"We use CM Fusion to track time for our team and sub-contractors on all of our projects, which is 110% more organized than the old paper trails. Our project members track time right from their phones - simple and efficient."

- Steve Layne
LayneCo Construction Services


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