Inline Email Communication

When CM Fusion project members receive alerts and notifications from CM Fusion, they can now reply to directly from their email inbox. Those replies will be added to the relevant project item. Other members who receive notifications will be able to respond as well from their own emails. The result is that CM Fusion will track two-way conversations without participants having to come back to the site. Amazing!

Watch the video below for a brief demo:

This feature is available within the following modules for CM Fusion:

  • Change Orders

  • Documents

  • RFI’s

  • RFP’s

  • Project Tasks

  • Submittals

  • Field Reports

  • Punchlists

1.) When a comment is added or is assigned to someone inside of CM Fusion, they will receive an email notification similar to the example below:

2.) Once this email is received, the recipient can then reply to the email directly from their inbox:

3.) Once the email has been sent, the email reply is logged as an activity inside of CM Fusion and all recipients are notified via their regular email inboxes.

*Important: This is two way communication. So any responses from any project members from their email will be logged in

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