Create Schedule Items

1. Start by clicking the Projects tab in the top menu.


2. Select which project you want to make a scheduling item for.

3. Next go to the Scheduling tab in the left menu.


4. To create a new scheduling item, click the blue plus sign at the top of the schedule.


5. The following box pops up.  Fill out the name, start date, duration, and notes in the corresponding boxes.  You also have the option to select a color of the schedule item.  Click the green save button when you are finished.


6. Once a schedule item is created, you can edit or delete it.  Start this by clicking the item on the left portion of the schedule table or click the blue box to the right.


A similar box from step 5 pops up.  Edit the information in the boxes as needed.  The only difference about this box is the red delete button.  Click that if you wish to delete the schedule item entirely.  If you intend to keep the item and just make changes, make sure you click the green save button when you are finished.


7. You can also add a sub schedule item under and existing schedule item.  To do so, click the blue plus sign next the item you want to create a sub item under.


The new item will appear in the parent's folder like the following.  In the example below, Drawing Specs was created inside Project Planning.


Deleting a parent item will delete all the items under it.

8. Another useful tool on this page is liking two schedule items.  If you scroll over a schedule item, two dots on both ends will appear.  Click and drag from a dot on one schedule item to another to create a link.  The link's arrow points to the second item you connect to.  In the example below, I dragged a connection from the end of Project Planning to the beginning of Building.  This shows that the start of the Building phase is dependent on the Project Planning phase finishing.  Also, if you have created a dependency, moving the end date of the first item will cause the second item to move.


To delete a link, double click the orange link.  It says the link will be deleted.  Click OK to delete the link or cancel to abort.

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