How to Create a New Project

Note: This is the process for creating a new project AFTER you're already created at least one project. Refer to our Creating Your First Project if this is your first project.

1. Click the "Projects" link in top navigation

Access your Project view using the main navigation at the top of your screen.


2. Click the "New Project" button

Click "New Project" to start a new project.


3. Choose your Project Template

When choosing a template you can use our pre-made template OR your own templates. If you have no templates you can create new templates at the bottom of this page.


4. Complete the fields and click "Create Project"

There will be several fields needed to create your new project:

  • Project Name

  • Your Role in the Project

  • Project Budget

  • Project Start/End Date

  • Project Description

  • Project Address

  • Project Image (upload an image)

Click Create Project when you are ready to create your project.


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