Account Level Schedules

If you are looking for one singular view to view all of your project schedules, you can access the Account Level Schedule to accomplish this.

While each project has its own individual schedule, if you access the Account Level Schedule from your main dashboard you can view all schedules, from all of your projects. See below for an overview video:

Here is how it works:

1.) Log in to your CMFusion account and you will land on the dashboard:

2.) From here, navigate to your left side navigation and select Account Schedule.


3.) Next, you will see all of the schedules from each of your projects managed inside CMFusion.


4.) From this screen, you can navigate to the top right and filter your schedule view by either day, week, month or year.


Please note that the account level schedule is pulled dynamically from the individual project schedules inside your account. To make updates to your schedule, drill into the individual project that you would like to update and update the schedule for that project. 

Once those individual project schedules are updated, you will see those changes reflected on your account level schedule.

For more information on updating individual project schedules, please refer to the help articles below:

Create Schedule Items

Project Scheduling Overview

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