Project Completion Percentage

The project schedule module has recently been upgraded to include the completion percentage for all scheduled items inside of your projects. Check out the video below for a short tour of this feature and how it works.

Adding Completion Percentage to a Project

1.) From your main dashboard, navigate to the specific project schedule you would like edit.

2.) Once you have accessed the project, select the Scheduling module.

3.) On your project schedule, you’ll notice a new column titled Completion Percentage for all of the scheduled items inside your project.


4.) If you have already added your scheduled items to your project schedule, simply double click into that scheduled item to edit. From you, here can drag the Completion Percentage Slider to update and display the overall progress for specific items on your schedule.

5.) Once you have updated the Percentage Completion, select save to update. The completion percentage will now be viewable inside of your individual project schedules, as well as your Account Level Schedule.

Please remember that you cannot update any scheduled items from the Account Level Schedule. To update completion percentage or any other scheduled items you must first go to the project and update that information directly within the project. Those updates will then be reflected on your Account Level Schedules.

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