Manage Document Categories

This article teaches you how to manage your document categories.  More specifically, you can add a document category, add a sub category, set permissions, and edit/delete categories.

1. To start, select the Projects tab on the top menu.


2. This pulls up a list of your current projects.  Select the project you want to edit.

3.  In the Project Menu in left margin, click the Project Settings tab.


4. Making changes in this area only affects the settings for this particular project.  If you want to make a change to this setting that will be used every time you create a new project, it will need to be made in the project template in the account settings.  Next click the blue button Manage Categories in the Document Categories box.


5. To add a category, click to the blue Add Category button.


The following box should open up.  Enter in the category name, then click Create Category.


6. You can also create a sub category inside a document category you have already created.  Start by click the Add Sub Category button next to the desired category.


The following box will appear.  It tells you the parent category this new sub category is going in.  Then type the name of the new sub category.  In this example, we are creating a sub category named Blueprints.  Click Create Category when you are finished.


The new category now appears underneath the parent category.


7. Another option on this page is to set permission settings for each document category.  Everyone has access to a document category when you create it, but you can change that here.  You can do this by first clicking the lock icon next the document category.  Clicking the lock icon sets the document to private, so only the person who locked the category and the project owner will be able to see it. 


If you want other people besides you and the project owner to have access to this category, then click on the new button that appeared named Manage Permissions.


The following box opens up.  Select which members you want to have permission to this category by clicking the box next to their name.  Click Save Permission Settings when you are finished.


Also, if you create a sub category under a private parent category, then you can only give access to project members that have access to the parent category.

8. You can also delete a category.  Delete a category by clicking the red trash can next to that category you want to delete.  If there are documents in a category, it will not let you delete it.  You must first move the documents to another category, then you can delete it.  In the example below, notice the category Building Plans has a document in it, and there is no red trash can on the right.  However, Financial Documents has no documents in it, and the red trash can is available.  Similarly, if a category has a sub category that contains documents, you will not be able to delete the parent category or the sub category.


9. To edit a category, click the pencil icon next to that category.  


The following box appears.  Here you can change the name or add an description to the category.  Click Save Category when you are finished.


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